Logia Dr. Jose P. Rizal Blg. 1
Meets every 3rd Saturday of the Month at Binondo Manila

The Story of Logia Dr. Jose Rizal Blg. 1


This lodge became the “MOTHER LODGE” of the jurisdiction, the Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas auspices by the Supremo Consejo del Grado 33 para Filipinas, on April 18, 1951. It filled the gap left open by the dormancy of the bagumbayan lodge (formerly No. 1) as a result of a crisis that loomed unexpectedly in the peaceful attitude of the Supreme Council in 1951.


The Newly elected Grand Master then, Most Worshipful Bro.’. GENARO P. MEDINA, was always in contact with the Pow.’. Sov.’. Gr.’. Commander Illustrioust Bro.’. Vicente LIwanag, who upon knowing that the Bagumbayan Lodge was inactive inextisted to replace it with another one.


The Grand Master reviewed the list of the long line of lodges under the jurisdiction. He found that Dr. Jose Rizal Lodge (formerly No. 19) which Worshipful Master before II World War, was worshipful brother Dalmacio V. Monroy of 906 Ongpin, Manila had not been up to that time reactivated. Bro Monroy’s where about was unknown and there was no sign of way by which he contacted. The Gran Master recommended to the Sovereign Grand Commander that “Dr. Jose Rizal” should take the place of “Bagumbayan” as the Mother Lodge of the jurisdiction. The Sovereign Grand Commander was very enthuastic about the choice of the Grand Master. And upon receiving about the approval and consent of the former, the Grand Master proceeded to hold the election of its Dignitaries and Officers and the following were elected to govern the lodge during the Masonic Year 1951-1952:


Worshipful Master           :           Bro Genaro P. Medina

Senior Warden                :           Bro Jose E. Canseco

Junior Warden                 :           Bro Antonio Tenmatay

Orator                             :            Bro Iluminado  B. Planas

Secretary                         :            Bro Elias Y. Asuncion

Treasurer                         :           Bro Victorio C. Ortiz

Expert                              :           Bro Macario P. Bautista

Master of Ceremonies        :           Bro Maximo Rodenas

Almoner                            :           Bro Martin Bunda

Auditor                              :           Bro Ruperto de Leon

Tyler, Internal                    :           Bro Venancio de Jesus

Tyler, External                   :           Bro Leocadio Licup


The next day after the election the Grand Master sent a letter to the Sovereign Grand Commander informing him of the outcome of the election held in “Dr. Jose Rizal” Lodge no. 1; requesting the Sovereign Grand Commander to relieve him from being Worshipful Master of “Dr. Jose Rizal” Lodge no. 1 for it might be incompatible to his position as Grand Master. In reply, the sovereign Grand Commander in his letter dated April 25, 1951 said:




Ill.’. y Pod.’. Her.’. Genaro P. Medina

Venerable Gran Maestre

Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas

Vall.’. de Manila


S.’. E.’. P.’.


            Confesto su appreciable balaustre de 19 de los Corrientes, felicitandole cordialmente por acertada eleccion de que ha sido objeto en la respectable Logia “Jose Rizal” num. 1 por nuestros Hermano de dicha Resp.’. Logia.’ Por mi parte me complasco en confirmer dicha eleccion. Rogandole continua en dicho cargo pues, debido a las circuntncias actuales y necesidades del servicio conviene su permanencia para el bien general de la orden.


            “Reciba usted la expresion de mis afectos mas fraternales”


                                                                                                Vicente Liwanag

                                                                                    “Pod.’. Sov.’. Gr.’. Comendador


Elias Asuncion

Gran Chanciller



            Thru the initiative of the late Bro Elias Y. Asuncion, Bro Antonio Mendoza and Bro Antonio Castro affiliated to the lodge. Bro Pabico then of the Walana Lodge No. 23 affiliated also to the Lodge “Dr. Jose Rizal” Lodge from the beginning became very active and progressive and gathered many members thru affiliations and initiations.


            On June 1957 a petition was filed to the Grand Lodge by several members of  “Dr. Jose Rizal” Lodge No. 1, who desired to erect the Columns in the Valley of Quezon City. Those Brothers who made the petition were, Bro Severiano C. San Juan, Eladio V. Cabuslay, ELiezer A. Vida, NAzario V. Villanueva, Lauro A. Villanueva, Jose A. Callao, DIosdado T. Ombao, Juan A. Guanzon, Jesus F. Abrera, Zosimo D. Lerum, Marcelo T. Manangan and Alfredo L. Pabico. On July 4th 1957 the “KALAYAAN” Lodge No. 89 was formally and officially constituted in 3-B M. Gregorio, Project 4, Quezon City.


            The activities and progress of the Lodge, the Dr.Jose Rizal became evident from the beginning thru the good management and administration of affairs by worshipful masters who were elected yearly by its members and by the help of their respective subordinate officers and members of the lodge. The Past Masters of “Dr. Jose Rizal” Lodge No. 1 so far, are the following:


            Worshipful Brother Genaro P. Medina, PM 1951

            Worshipful Brother Antonio Mendoza, PM 1952

            Worshipful Brother Alfredo L. Pabico, PM 1953-1961

            Worshipful Brother Antonio Castro, PM 1962-1963

            Worshipful Brother Genaro P. Medina, PM 1964-1966

            Worshipful Brother Macario P. Bautista, PM 1967

            Worshipful Brother Mario Bayona Chan, PM 1967-1975

            Worshipful Brother Eddie Chua C.K., PM 1980-2009

 The incumbent Worshipful Master and his subordinate officers and all the members of the lodge are individually performing their respective Masonic duties and left no ground unturned in their desire to spread the teachings and tenents of the institution of Masonry, and they are steadfast in strengthening their humanitarian work. The diffusion of love and friendship are given special care and attention for they are the strong ties of World Brotherhood. It is safe to state that they are collectively a credit not only to this jurisdiction but also to the institution of masonry as a noble.